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Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms are just a briefcase-throw from King’s Cross and St. Pancras stations, come in a variety of shapes and sizes (and colours) and are equipped with everything you need to present, discuss and decide.

The WiFi is super-fast and free, the rooms are bright and spacious, the TVs are large and we really rather like our stationery. We also have the best coffee in town.


The Boardroom

Our Boardroom seats 10, looks grand and lives directly above Megaro reception. Facilities include a 48 inch LCD TV, projector, aircon, personal kitchen, wardrobe, unlimited filtered water and Megaro stationery.

Decision makers only please.


Derbyshire House

We needed more meeting rooms, so we made a few more just around the corner. You do have to walk an extra 50 metres from the station but in return you have the choice of four of the best value rooms around.

Each space is individual in design, size and scope, and our largest room comfortably suits 20 delegates.

Our reception is manned daily during the week and we accept weekend bookings.



It’s 11am. You’re hungry/thirsty/fidgety. Time for a pit stop.

We have coffee by Ozone roastery in Shoreditch, TeaPigs loose leaf teas and 1994’s favourite treat, yes, Wagon Wheels.

If you need something more serious, Karpo provides the lunchtime nutrition, with gourmet sandwiches, salads, packets of posh crisps, fruit and sweet treats to keep you going until it’s time to celebrate. 

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